This is the right way to approach electoral finance issue

Green Party Issue Centred Site

Green Party Issue Centred Site

I did my daily news search on Green Party Canada, and picked up this coverage in the Western Standard. Now that’s the way to do it! It is true that the public per vote subsidy is currently critical to the Green Party of Canada. In the name of fiscal conservatism, and sustainable finances, the GPC operating budget is counting on the subsidy to retire the election debt, and balance the books ongoing. The issue is important though, and stands on it’s own merits. So How do you make the point, without seeming self-serving? Some of the rabid right will spin any support of publicly funded politics. Especially now that the Neo-Cons are frantic with fear, and going down in flames. It’s very hard, but this is how you do it.

Congrats Elizabeth, this is a home run.

And don’t forget, the Green Party WANTS YOU IN.


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