Desperate Prime Ministers Office Party to a Criminal Act!

I cannot believe this! Harper is in full blown panic mode! I predict the total implosion of the CPC, with the

PMO's Reaction


scandal that just won’t quit.

Name this Conservative?

Name this Conservative?

The PMO (Prime Ministers Office) just released the full text of a secret recording of an NDP conference call. Here’s the kicker, the act of recording this conference call is a criminal offense that carries a maximum penalty of 5 years in prison under section 184 of the criminal code:

Here’s the actual transcript of the criminally recorded conference call from Macleans Kady O’Malley. There’s no doubt about the origin being the Prime Ministers Office, because Kady obligingly included the emailed media release.

What’s really nifty is that there wasn’t anything particularly damning said in the call. It simply reveals that the opposition has been talking about forming a coalition government since the election. Like duh! Everybody in Canada can do the math and the Conservatives came up with a minority. I’d say it was a scandal if the opposition HADN’T been talking over the arithmetic, and exploring common ground. The CPC will try to spin this as a dirty conspiracy to stage a parliamentary coup.

How come they didn’t figure that it’s not smart to publicise your association with scumbags? They are desperate and truly STUPID! At the very least it stinks like dirty tricks. At the worst, it is total contempt for the law. When you stack this on top of the bad taste left by last weeks dirty tricks, it’s going to be a really bad week for Stephen Harper :-(

Next steps? The NDP will, (or should), be asking the RCMP to investigate the PMO, and find the criminal who did this dirty deed. The media will jump on this, and with the exception of the National Post, and the CTV, they will roast the CRAP out of the PMO.

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