Possibly the dumbest things Doug Ford ever did

Rob-Ford Now coverWhen I first saw this article in the Toronto Star, I thought maybe it was a spoof, or somebodies wishful thinking. Apparently Doug Ford has lost the DVD’s that contained ALL their contact databases from the 2010 Mayoralty election.  Mitch Wexler had been hired to manage the data, and to do some supporter profiling to help with their efforts to identify Ford supporters. According to the Star, after the election, he handed Doug Ford all the electoral data on two DVD’s.

“I made two DVDs with all of the data from the campaign — entire voters’ list with contact info, supporters, non-supporters, signs, volunteers, all voter contact records, etc. — and gave them both to Doug Ford,” said Conservative data expert Mitch Wexler.”

That is not how Doug Ford sees it. Again, quoting the Star: “Councillor Doug Ford claims the mayor’s former campaign manager, Nick Kouvalis, is refusing to turn over valuable 2010 voter database information.”

Oh My God! Is that not the DUMBEST thing you have ever heard of in Canadian politics? Firstly, the Ford Nation database is an awesome collection of detailed data. It was an impressive database before the 2010 election, but all those thousands of volunteers were busily adding more and richer detail on the Toronto electorate for a whole year in 2010. Nick Kouvalis obviously has access to all that juicy data, and he has joined the John Tory team.

There is a little known fact that comes to bear on this situation. Most Canadians think that personal information about them is protected. You would think that someone with access to a political database like this would not be legally able to just use it, or hand it over to some third party. Well, in all of Canada, (except BC), the privacy act(s) specifically exempt users of data from the provisions of the privacy act, if the data is being used for’ POLITICAL PURPOSES’. I would argue that Nick Kouvalis handing all the Fords data over to team Tory is a political use of data. Even if it isn’t totally legal, good luck proving it happened Douggie. Even if you can prove it, the damage is done.

And what’s with LOSING the freaking disks? Hello Douggie? Is there anybody in there? I have an image of the DVD’s being used as coasters on the coffee table up at the cottage. This electoral data is the most important political asset he owns. Now what are you gonna do Doug? John Tory probably knows every supporter you ever had prior to October 2010. You may (or may not) still have all those paper records from Robs 10 years as a councillor, but what about all the data from the election? What about that supporter profiling? Team Tory is gonna tear through YOUR supporters lists, and tear the heart out of your campaign before you even get started. Maybe you could sue somebody, ROFL.

And to cap it all, Doug Ford goes PUBLIC with his accusations against Kouvalis. ‘Hey World! Look at what an idiot I am!’ Yesterday I believed that Rob Ford was in a good position to win this election. Today, I doubt he has a snowballs chance. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy.

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7 Responses

  1. Of course based on absolutely most anyone out there already saying exactly the same things…yes you are a master of the obvious …..and your view is the safest one of course ditto the obvious one

    Nothing entertaining nor insightful in that …though .eh…LOL

    So….I guess I will completely disagree

    Yep I guess I will maybe just have to play devils advocate here

    And I would take any bet you wanna lay out there except that it would with my luck probably further jinx rob ford

    The only thing john tory has goin for him is that he is a double horse
    and this is horse year
    like elly may …in fact the may party leader and the token environmentalist in parliament ( I hear she got a man now though these days and now its the twins (quite fitting) and its their year…. as I said
    It means gemini and both she and tory are both
    meaning sun and year are both horse or gemini

    There is about 4 if not more (probably more) distinct and completely self contained personalities goin on between the two of them

    And what the science of astrology tells me is that they (horses)lie so naturally that they themselves even believe it as it comes instantly charging out of their mouths with a mind of its own
    Remember that TVO video of may being shown as lying hahaha
    Heck I watched her in person as you know and was amazed at the brazen gall
    Geminis sadly though and especially double ones are liars because they are so insecure so self possessed in their lives they think themselves above others simply based on assorted self perceived achievements no matter if even useful relevant nor even if any one else even cares or doesnt

    tory …who in my mind should change his name like the one I saw years ago in the saskatchewan gazette …levon beeblebaum became alfard fafard believe it or not

    Am I the only one to get the gag factor here?
    I mean it would be completely fine and even a chuckle if he had been the ndp leader or liberal but the obvious party..? nooooo

    Oh my ….spare me sonny

    john tory – May 28 1954 …
    elly may – june 9 1954

    (and coincidentally …..Viktor Yushchenko, President of Ukraine…1954 ..LOL)
    (Hugo Chávez. Former Venezuelan president. Born July 28 1954. Died March 5 2013.)(born fire and air died water and earth…hmm)

    My libel verdict came out on mays own birthday if you recall ? from a judge with the same name and even with the same daughters name as a long time member of the club may came from before she came to be green with envy
    and was a quick replacement judge to boot as well
    all of them in appeal ended up replacements too …coincidentally
    They are lucky sorts are they not?

    Thankfully karma comes to roost in their own years like all of us and some exciting things are certainly possible

    Now mr ford is also born may 28 like tory but in 1969 which means rooster or virgo and not horse

    Much more real… much tougher ..a fighter etc etc
    Hell crack is coke get it
    The guy that wrote sherlocke holmes (auther conan doyle ) used coke for 30 years and while writing all the books of course)
    Hahha its not like he defrauded the entire country with foreign money to take over or anything heck

    Extremes of luck they say with roosters and ford also has horse sun you see..?

    Some of the most indestructible politicians by the way have been in fact roosters
    lester b pearson… chretien…hahaha john baird
    rooster Hazel McCallion has been mayor for near 36 years
    rooster mel lastman remember him ? mayor of T O for what ? 25 YEARS !!..??

    Sorry but as a rooster myself too I will take your bet
    But not for that reason but for simply only one simple reason needed
    When I consider the average intelligence level lately of this planet parasite called the human animal and I consider its attention span equal to that of a tsetse fly what with wiki-links…
    bradley manning…edward snowden etc etc etc …..and so very many others heck ford could probably murder some one and if he spread the pictures over three days for example of the bullet traveling through the air then into the victim heck no one would even remeber he fired it by the forth day nor notice and if anyone ever did one could just dangle hockey skates and a hockey stick or a timmies cup and their mind would be then off instantly like that dog in that cartoon that got dog biscuits and sailed around floating in mid air doing something akin to yummies

    You my friend give far to much respect for the intelligence level of the average so called voter when some like me for example actually pay attention and think maybe the T O police chief should be in jail maybe for libel and character assassination if not simply exposed as a goon
    As no charges were ever laid after his tv press conference like a goon destroyed ford and no one gives a rats ass about any rights there no

    So much I could say to help you here but as I say the biggest reason to not write him off is us ourselves and our own track records
    We people are yes stupid obviously

    Election fraud … lies …games…ripping up the country and the worst one his (air ) rock star attempts singing beatle tunes etc etc didnt hurt steven harper and it wouldnt mater if they did as he didnt win the first time by my count so whats it matter?

    Cocaine use and even coke sales didnt hurt george bush (part dos)….or even barry ..oops …obama barack hell I could give examples for years here and no one will give a rats ass anyway and be just mindlessly clicking away at the idiot box remote before they even get this far down even if its not even on with some of them eh

    Yep so I will end and just say …it aint over til the fat lady sings Matt !!

    You have a 98% chance to be right but I will still take that bet especially when we catch levon beeblebaum on torys team with little girls or drugs or drunk ..oh no that wouldnt matter …they are conservatives thats right …I forgot
    hmmm remember ….raheem jaffer and his coke ??
    No I didnt think so

    I rest my case


    Have you driven a ford lately?


    • lol, I did not say Tory was going to win, just that the Fords are going to lose. I think that Olivia Chow has the advantage now

  2. Aries Rooster she is actually and by the way …..(march 24 1957)

    In fact Fire rooster (same as me actually ( april 22 1957)

    The worst or toughest kind ( fire) depending on your own sign or views
    ( lester b pearson april 23 1897 was from the previous Fire group)

    There are 5 kinds of each ….earth …metal… water…wood…and fire


  3. Wow. I think the Fords can claim a proprietary interest in that data. They paid for it and that makes it their property. An employee is liable for misappropriating property belonging to his employer. For example, if a salesman misappropriates his employer’s client lists and takes those with him to use on behalf of his next employer, the employee and the new employer can both be held liable for damages for the advantage they gained from the misappropriated property of the former employer. Employees owe their employer a duty of confidentiality. If they breach that duty, particularly to realize unjust enrichment, the courts usually grant damages.

    • Hi Mound,
      Without knowing more of the facts, I would agree that the Fords may have some kind of legal recourse. But campaigns are not the same as employee-employer relationships. Ownership of the original data ( all those hand written notes that Rob kept over the years) is pretty unambiguous. But what about all the enrichment of the data? Profiling etc. What happens when the original data is fleshed out with added detail from somebody elses database? (Since that is part of what Kouvalis does for a living, I would be surprised if the data was not considerably enriched). We simply cannot know what contract terms were enterd into between the Ford Campaign, and Kouvalis’ crew. And then there is the question of damages. Big question!!! Trying to put a dollar figure on it could be tough. Data is so portable, and can be manipulated readily. The Ford data could be massaged, and merged with additional data in such a way that it is readily useable, but very hard to identify the source. That’s why I laughed at the idea of the Fords bringing suit. It would be impossible to stop whoever holds that data from using it. And it would be very difficult to prove they even did so without an informant or two to testify.

  4. Courts have to wrestle with those obscure questions every day, Matt. Counsel have to present the evidence in the most compelling, persuasive fashion possible and the judge then has to work with what they’ve dished up.

    I was involved with a trade secrets/confidentiality case that went all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada and clarified a couple of legal issues. It’s not straightforward.

  5. By the way
    In the Oscar race
    Top male actor Rooster
    Top female actor Rooster
    Top movies director Rooster

    Just sayin

    Oh yeah also last years top male actor and only one to win 3 times
    A man born 7 days after me Rooster Daniel day lewis

    Looking forward to the election and just saw ford on kimble

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