Turncoat Greens a free ride for Old Line parties

I just checked out this article in the Montreal Gazette. It seems that the latest Party to try to scoop the

Scott 'turncoat' McKay on the left


growing Green Party vote is the Parti-Quebecois. Scott McKay, former leader of the Green Party in Quebec has been seduced by Pauline Marois to run in the riding of L’Assomption. It seems somehow incongruent for an Anglophone to be standing for the PQ, but what the hey? It’s a free country, (Provided of course you don’t count publically communicating in the language of your choice as freedom).

This is the latest, if perhaps the weirdest, in a string of ambitious Greens defecting to so called ‘electable’ parties in the quest of those juicy Parliamentary perks. Probably the most notorious was Tom Manley.

Tom 'turncoat' Manley


Seemingly minutes after failing in his 2005 Leadership bid for the Green Party of Canada,

Jim Harris

Jim Harris

where he was convincingly beaten by Jim Harris, he turned his colours and ran federally for the dreaded Liberals in Stormont Dundas and South Glengarry.

I suppose I could be accused of maligning these wundergreens, and some may claim that their intentons are lilly-green, with nary a hint of self interest, BUT… The fact that they are desirable targets for the bad guys is proof that the Green Party’s influence with the electorate is growing, and having an impact. Bailing before the job is done, in my books, labels them traitors, and totally fair game in the political arena.

If you know of a few more turncoat greens, please throw their names in the comments and I’ll make some calls, dig some dirt, and let the world know of their perfidy!

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