How do our US Neighbours view the CPC Shenanigans?

As usual, I ran a media search of Green Party Canada, and out popped this New York Times article on our current controversy. It’s a relief to read a no BS analysis of the political consequences, and background to NYTimesthis issue. Americans have to live with the consequences of few holds barred political financing rules, political action committees, and generally the pervasive influence of money in politics. I don’t believe it is too extreme to characterise the interdependence of Lobbyists and elected officials in Washington as organised, legitimised political corruption. Americans recognise this, but they recognise that the system is so pervasive, and wrapped up in constitutional arguments that there is no escaping it for the forseeable future. I have discussed this with a number of US political ‘animals’ and they are almost universally enthusiastic about the possibilities of divorcing fundraising from the political process. What a breath of fresh air! Good policy unshackled from big donors!

CRAP Mouthpiece

CRAP Mouthpiece

When I read the National Post, and other CRAP mouthpieces characterising public political funding as political welfare, it really raises my ire. Public funding is just so unreservedly good for the political process, and their current attempt is such a crass, and opportunistic little piece of Sh*t. How can any serious journalist cover this debate like it was a sordid little squabble about a toy in a sandbox?


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