It’s Time for an Unofficial Green Party public Forum

It's easier online

It's easier online

Does anybody out there have the capability of setting up and hosting a public forum? There is a growing audience for a small, but growing number of independent Green Party bloggers. The comments sections are getting more and more regular readers, and there’s a lot of interesting content starting to flow out there. With a basic blog feed with Ogilvie’s, Report on Greens, Chris Tindal, Dave Bagler, Kersten’s Kolum, and others that we can all think of, we are all generating more or less regular content. I think that the combined traffic will support a Forum, and it would be great to draw in more of the membership, and EDA executives into some of the very important discussions that are happening right now.
I would love to be able to comment on, and debate Green Party Strategy articles for example, and an easy venue to beat each other up would be great. Don’t forget that there is an election coming very soon, and a shared forum could serve as a hub. This will have to happen sooner or later when the time is right, the viral Trippi type campaigning that we all want to make happen will be very well served if the forum sections for greens to share their thoughts already exists. I guess the only caveat would be that I would want to, and probably all the other bloggers who supported such a forum would also want to have admin. rights. That’ll share the workload as well, and provide continuity for the inevitable attrition.
Is anybody out there in the blogosphere willing to set up, host, and share control over a Forum like this? If so, then I will be happy to put a honking big animated link in my headline banner, or top right menu. Please do comment below.


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  1. Would like to see a green bloggers aggregator. Currently, there’s the Progressive Bloggers, Blogging Tories, the Dippers (they keep changing their name; don’t know where they are now) but no equivalent for green bloggers – whether they be members of a specific party or not. James Curran said it was easy enough to do when he created LibsOnline; he did it with no previous experience and using a free web-based service.

  2. Yes Tide Waters, I think you’re right. There was one awhile ago, but it fell by the wayside. If the admin were shared, then the likelihood of it failing for want of the occasional tweak drops. I just followed your’ link, and it took me 1 minute to start one. I’ll tinker, then post shortly.

  3. Wow! That was easy! It looks lame, but the out of the box version is here:
    Anybody able to make us a button to stick on our blogs? Anybody want to be an administrator? Let me know, I’m happy to do so. I hope the name/URL doesn’t bother anybody.

  4. Dave Bagler has created a new Forum for us to play in! I’ll post a link when the details are all settled. Thanks Dave

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