Green Party of Canada will win seats in 2009-2010

Bluegreenblogger said what?!

Bluegreen said what?!

I have made my New Years resolution that I invite all Canadians to share in. In

We must STOP those Greens!

We must STOP those Greens!

the next Federal Election, I will help to ensure that the Green Party of Canada wins several seats, and has a caucus in Parliament. I can hear Stephen Harper and Michael Ignatieff laughing now. ‘What a rich joke’, they are thinking, but I believe that the Green Party can do it, and here’s how.

I have shown in previous post that the beachhead election strategy is viable. Bruce Grey Owen Sound had phenomenal success. They went from 4% support, to a whopping 27% – 33%. There are a number of ridings in Canada where this would give the margin of victory. I have listed a number of them in my post dealing with appropriate target ridings in canada. Those ridings where there is a tight three way race for the prize, and especially those with a relatively low voter turnout are the prime candidates for victory.

Once the Green Party of Canada has picked the best ridings, it is time to get down and dirty, and start preparing for a victory. The regional Green Party staffers, and organizers need to start researching the riding, and get onto the ground for the Candidate search. The best place is to start with Municipal Candidates, and officeholders. Also, well known local community leaders, and business leaders should be canvassed for support, or possible candidacy.

Local churches, charities, and especially ethnic organizations should be approached, canvassed and prospected to support. If the organizers can remember that generally assistance will be

Religions to Engage

Religions to Engage

reciprocated, they will find this to be rich ground for grass roots organizational support. A great example would be for Elizabeth may to be brought in as a speaker for a major community function. Have the Candidate, and Elizabeth say a few words, but advertise the hell out of the event in local and ethnic media. When a big crowd shows up, the fundraiser is a great success for the local group. The Green Party, and the new local candidate get a great supporter base, and all it costs is a few thousand dollars in advertising and promotional expenses.

Prepare for the election by analyzing the riding Poll by Poll. Look for target groups, and prepare your message for each area by commissioning opinion, and policy surveys. What I am getting at is that the campaign must be prepared so that the message delivered to every poll is the one most likely to win a plurality/majority of votes in that poll.

Most importantly, build the membership, and supporter lists. It will take people. Lots and lots of motivated people to canvas, put up signs, write press releases, and the myriad tasks that will need to be done right to win an election. And, oh yeah, put aside $75,000 to ensure the pre-writ period, and the election itself don’t lack the required dough to win.

So what do you think? Can the Green Party do it?

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9 Responses

  1. Good writing. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed my Google News Reader..

    Matt Hanson

  2. Tell you what … go to the riding by riding results of the 2008 election, and point out to us, the two or three seats that the Green Party achieved a 15% -20% voting result WHICH could possibly serve as a spring board to acutal electoral win. Ms. May’s result in Nova Scotia should NOT be included, considering that the Liberal Party ( normally a major player) did not run.

    Going into this falls campaign, I had to endure a number of abusive attacks from Green supporters (including the Central Campaign who threatened to sue me), where I had to listen to endless nonsense about how may seats the Greens were going to win.

    Seats will come to your Party ONLY under proportional representation. In the meanwhile, a number of Liberal and New Democrat candidates will continue to lose to the Conservatives while the Greens spit the progressive vote in our ‘first past the post’ process.

    Happy New Year!

  3. You should read more carefully. I am proposing that it doesn’t take a springboard. It has been demonstrated quite clearly that a leap from 4% to 33% in a two year period has been done, and there are about a dozen ridings where the right choice of candidate, plus some good organizing can win, with or without a springboard.
    If you thinks it’s nonsense, fine, don’t listen. I hope we’ll astonish you.
    Neither I, nor the Green Party owes anything whatsoever to the Liberals, or New Democrats. I will continue to work for my chosen party, because the Conservatives, Liberals, and New Democrats have failed to present an attractive platform, and are up to their necks in parochial interests.
    As far as lawsuits, and abusive attacks, I know nothing of them. Out of curiosity, did you do nothing to incur their wrath? Was it earned, or are you as pure as the driven snow?
    PR is a nice thought, but in the meantime, I intend to work for elected Greens in our FPTP system. Realistically speaking, I am more likely to see a strong Green caucus via FPTP in my lifetime than a major constitutional amendment.

    Happy new year to you, (and all) as well!

  4. I just went to your’ blog leftdog, and this is your headline, and I quote.

    “Welcome to Buckdog©!
    – BUCKDOG© contains the opinions of a Canadian citizen journalist – Right wing extremism is not tolerated well here. Abusive or libelous comments will be deleted. “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” – (George Orwell).”

    The post where you slagged elizabeth was entitled Elizabeth May STFU. You elaborated this to mean Shut The Fuck Up, and I quote.
    You apparently cannot live up to the noble standard you fly on your headline, can you? Enough said

  5. Interesting, just found your posts, as one of those that helped GBOS greens numbers go up but not (yet?) fully committed to the greens or for that matter any party I shall drop in often and “throw my hat in the ring” once in a while. If they concentrate on protecting our demorcracy as much as our environment (which Ms May has clearly indicated she wants to) then we may well have something going here!

  6. This proposed results-based, targeted approach from the Candadian Greens is very welcome. In the UK we Greens will be standing in as many seats as possible at the next general election but our strategy is to heavily target just three seats where we have a real chance of a breakthrough. While our party leader has been selected for one of our target seats it should be noted that the national target seats were selected first based on previous results, hard mathematics and local campaign track record. The candidates were then selected by local members after that. It is no use the party leader randomly picking some hopelessly unwinnable seat and then expecting it to provide a breakthrough. Target seats need to be identified first then candidates selected.

    Cllr Darren Johnson AM – elected Member of the London regional Assembly, Green Party of England & Wales

  7. Changing the electoral system does not require a constitutional amendment, merely amendments to the Canada Elections Act, which can be done by majorities in the House and the Senate.

  8. […] polling and testing the ground in an unprecedented way. I have posted quite a few times regarding target ridings, how to target your demographic, and how to organise on the ground. I have often stressed that the […]

  9. Okay, but which religion it it that uses the biohazard symbol? Not sure I really want to engage that one.

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