Green Party must Reconsider Coalition Government Position

There are significant risks to the Green Party of Canada, and Elizabeth May arising from the more

Strategic Adjustment

Strategic Adjustment

than wholehearted support for the proposed Liberal – NDP coalition Government. There’s nothing inherently wrong with coalitions, and this one might have had a positive impact on the quality, and tone of Canadian governance BUT… It is looking increasingly unlikely.

My first point is that the Canadian electorate has succumbed to CRAP blandishment, and is shying away from what is increasingly being labeled a Parliamentary Coup. In general, support levels are pretty low for the coalition government, and even Green Party supporters are evenly split on the issue.

My second point, made in a previous blog, is that this political crisis is just so typical of the Old School style of confrontational politics. This is NOT consistent with how the Green Party should be doing business. If we truly believe that all Parliamentarians should be seeking consensus, then we should be saying so. That will mean the other Party’s talking to the CRAP over the prorogation. Frankly, I think they have all been behaving badly, and irrespective of who started it, we shouldn’t be joining in the blame game. Unless, of course we blame them ALL for being such children. There has already been some criticism of this hypocrisy in the press, and more will follow.

My third point is that over the coming months, this crisis will become more and more convoluted. It will be twisted to serve all kinds of parochial interests, that have nothing to do with the Green Party. There is absolutely nothing to be gained, (Not even a Senate appointment for Elizabeth), from involving ourselves further in it, and the risks of being closely associated with other parties stinky agendas will increase so long as we are uncritically supportive.

SO… Elizabeth May needs to step back. The Liberals are NOT our friends, and her friend, Dion is

One Survivor?

One Survivor?

going down fast. Fine, coalitions, and consensus politics are great, but this crowd are up to their usual tricks. Pay per vote funding has been preserved, so get the hell out of town, fast. We need to stand strong on our painfully built image as the Party that is above this vitriolic fray. Elizabeth, use your podium to Urge people to JOIN THE GREEN PARTY!

Most importantly, we must recognize that there is yet another election coming soon, and we MUST focus on building our membership, EDA infrastructure, donors lists, and recruiting Quality Candidates for our best prospective ridings. Lets not repeat the mistakes of the last election, by being organizationally ill prepared.

In that spirit, I will once again appeal to my readers to help do politics differently. Support good policies, not flash in the pan message vendors, and join the Green Party Today!

Politics can be a lot of fun, when your colleagues are honest, heartfelt advocates of good, meaningful policies. Contact your local EDA executive, and offer to help them by doing whatever you’re good at. (Especially if that’s fundraising, or networking)


6 Responses

  1. Excellent points; I hope Elizabeth May can get over herself enough to work with the assets her party has to accomplish what you’ve set out.

  2. […] than wholehearted support for the proposed Liberal – NDP coalition Government. There’s nothing inherently wrong with coalitions , and this one might have had a positive impact on the quality, and tone of Canadian governance BUT… …[Continue Reading] […]

  3. This would be the perfect time for the Greens to be saying,

    “Clearly the system isn’t working. 59% turnout at the polls and the opposition is demonstrating a need for a coalition. Time for electoral reform.”

    It’s called leading by example instead of following.

  4. What is going on with Greens? Do they have death wish?
    In the past Ontario election the GPO ended up supporting a coalition of atheists intent on getting religious “faith” out of schools (vs. secular faith). The One School System Network hijacked the election. NDP supporters played a lead role. The election turned into a big embarrassment that everyone including the majority Liberals want to forget. It became a little too obvious that the democratic vote can be manipulated by politics that plays on emotions about things like religion. Nice job GPO & OSSN! The coalition ended up pissing off 30% of Ontario voters –Catholics- for good. 30% narrows down the prospects. What was gained by the GPO? The Ontario PC leader is still looking for a job and new nukes will be built and any elected GPC MPs????????????? To the average voter in Ontario: GPO+GPC+May+Green Candidate=Green.
    Diminish any part diminishes the whole and the parts.

    Now we have the GPC endorsing the coalition of leftists and separatists. The coalition isn’t going over too well with average Canadians incl. Ontarians. And again the Greens get tarnished. This talk of May and a senate seat doesn’t help either. Again I ask “What was gained”.

    Dion is toast. If the LPC goes with Rae there will be an election and Harper will win his majority. If the LPC anoints Igatieff , the LPC will stand back from the coalition. No skin of Layton and Duceppe. They had nothing to loose.

    The GPC has chosen to plant the brand on the left side of the field vs. moving to the center. In so doing has shifted the field. Fiscally conservative voters have been alienated. Others are just giving up on politics. PERIOD. Maybe the GPC is perfectly happy at the fringe of left field beside the NDP with the Liberals now standing between them and center. Where ever. Does it matter?

    I still believe the Greens are best option for bringing about democratic reform.

    To many, left or right may not matter. What matters is that someone for a change is taking the high road to the high ground. And if enough reach the high ground motivated by common good, young. old, male, female, left and right will coalesce for the sake of good of the whole. Sorry but there are too many opportunists and self-interest types in this coalition.

    So we need to get the message out. Job one is democratic reform. Not just proportional representation. What principles and values support democratic reform? How low do we stoop the get a seat in the house or the senate?

  5. Yeah, the GPO stance on school funding was the perfect wedge directed by the GPO at the GPO. In my Riding, we lost a couple of very hard working Catholic volunteers because they were violently opposed. My Parents grew up in an Ontario polarized, and poisoned by the School funding debate. Let sleeping dogs lie.
    Remember that the GPC isn’t just Elizabeth May. Even Elizabeth will discover that the Liberals under Ignatieff are a different ball of wax. They will be ruthless in attacking the GPC. Of course, by attack, I mean imitate, but in a way that marginalizes the GPC. I know some of Iggy’s people, and this is what they did in Etobicoke Lakeshore. Expect the same on National scale when he takes over. They recognize that the GPC is a bigger threat to the Liberals than the CPC is, because we both eat from the same plate.

  6. The protest that’s coming from Rae’s supporters about Iggy’s coronation being undemocratic is a joke considering the putsh the LPC was prepared to carry out.

    With Iggy at the helm, the LPC will have a tough job hanging onto the left of center members. This does present an opportunity for the GPC to make hay.

    But I’ve always said for the GPC to grow the GPC has to go up against the LIBS who are worse than cons but wear sheep’s clothing. So when the GPC aligns with the LPC I get the feeling that the GPC has fallen for the con-job and all those little GPC foot soldiers are unknowingly volunteers for Power Corporation’s political action wing. Per Cloak of Green May at time was an operative. Times change. Modus operandi hasn’t. Either the GPC has to go up against the Lib machine or stand accused of apologizing, aiding and abetting the Lib machine. They can keep expending fire on Harper from far left field. If they land a few hits some on right may defect to Libs or Greens that vote strategically for Libs.

    I say use climate change to bring about social and democratic reform. Others use climate change to further the status-quo.

    Ignatief will portray Harper and CPC as neo-cons. CPC will tar LPC as party (aside from lies and broken promises) of Can business elite who have sold out the country per Hurtig and turned Canada over to foreigners. It’s a crime what academic and political and business elite have down to this country. The name Strong will come up more frequently.

    I have no problem with GPC going hard left. But they must see the Libs for what they are and engage them on principle vs. accepting senate seats. Credit to the Libs for pulling of the con.

    There are people to the left. There are people to the right. Then there are the con artists who play us.

    Back to barricade duty.

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