Elizabeth scores some slavish press

Have a look at this article.

Happy Smiling Elizabeth

Happy Smiling Elizabeth

I have known Elizabeth for a couple of years now, and I still get a kick out of how she garners such uncritical press. This is almost 100% selected quotes. Hey, I’m not knocking it, that’s why she was elected leader after all. There was one extremely significant quote though. “We haven’t had the best political machine to get us elected,” said May. May thinks the short campaign time of Stephen Harper’s “snap-election” and the financial crisis worked against the Greens.”

Elizabeth should have kissed and made up with David Chernushenko after the leadership

David Chernushenko, might have been, and may yet be...

David Chernushenko, might have been, and may yet be...

race. Had she reached out to the only people in the party who know how to organise, communicate, canvas, and get down and dirty in the electoral trenches, then she wouldn’t be relying strictly on the Media to make her campaign happen. The fact is, that she caught the competent people in the GPC by surprise with her candidacy. They had already coalesced around David before she came on the scene, and what would have been a Chernushenko coronation, became a May surprise. When she subsequently turned her back on Chernushenko, she lost what there was of a political machine.

As far as the short election, her people had 2 years to prepare. In 2006 we saw training, organising, campaign schools, lots of passionate people concentrating on the hard lesson learnt in 2004, and 2006-7. Now that Elizabeth has re-learned those lessons, I hope she’ll realise that the Air war needs to be married to the ground war when the writ is dropped.


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